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Perfectly laying of sod.

Sod Installation Atlanta, Ga

If you desire a brand new lawn.  Let our team be the one to install your new sod!

Metro Atlanta Sod Installation by Sun Chase Lawn Care

Sod installation without professional assistance can be a very labor intensive, expensive project.  One small mistake will derail your entire project.  Our sod installation team will make sure your sod installation is done correctly.  Sun Chase Lawn Care is Metro Atlanta’s number one sod installer.  We are equipped to handle lawns of all sizes.  Our process is time efficient, and we also implement the best practices to ensure health of your new sod.  We handle your new sod installation from start to finish.  The vast amount of turf knowledge & experience of our team enables us to put any idea you have into reality.


The Walk Through

On the preparation day for your sod installation our crew leader will begin by walking the desired project with you.  Job specific details such as underground utilities, existing irrigation are discussed and carefully marked. Sod borders and bed placement are planned and marked. 

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation and grading is the most important step of new sod installations.  All existing grass and weeds will be killed and removed.  Tilling and hand raking is normal for projects under 3,000 square foot.  Amendments such top soil, fertilizer, and lime will be added to ensure root to earth contact.

Your Sod & Irrigation Test

The sod provided for your installation will be freshly cut, and shipped directly to your site.  Before your sod is installed; we double check your irrigation to ensure there hasn’t been any damage to any lines or sprinkler heads during the grading process. If there is any damage discovered it will be repaired immediately free of charge.

Sod Installation

Now the fun part!  The sod installation crew will begin your install.  The sod pieces are rolled into place in a checker board pattern.  All sod pieces are tightly locked in to one another.  Once the sod is installed the turf will be rolled with a weighted lawn roller to ensure all air pockets, and to press the sod pieces to the soil.

Site Clean Up & Final Walk Through

After completion of the sod installation a final clean up is done.  During that time, we encourage you the client to walk through for verification that the install measures up to your expectations.  You will be given a document on sod care tips. 

You have new sod, now what? You need our maintenance & weed control/fertilization!

Your new sod is beautiful and exactly what you wanted, but now it needs lawn care to keep it that way. When you see a perfectly manicured lawn, that is usually because a company just like us, Sun Chase Lawn Care, maintains their business or home's lawn and landscaping. Our team of professionals are trained to maintain all of your lawn care needs. 

Call us at (470) 435-0222 to get started with your new landscaping project or to talk about a maintenance package. When you call, expect to talk to a knowledgeable industry professional that truly cares about your needs. 

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