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Thick green yard with lawn fertilization treatment.

Lawn Care Program

Good News! You could have a weed-free, greener lawn with our All Inclusive custom weed control and fertilizer lawn care program!

Lawn Care in Atlanta, Ga

Let's face it, all you really want is a nicer looking lawn at a good value. Sun Chase Lawn Care is here to help. 

At Sun Chase Lawn Care we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help establish and protect a nice plot of grass.  The development and protection of an area of grass isn’t easy as one may think.  If not properly maintained and protected your lawn could fall victim to natural enemies, such as disease, insects, and weeds.

A healthy lawn requires weed control and fertilization. Our lawn care treatments are customized based off the type of grass you have, effects of season change, and topographical conditions. With our weed control and fertilization lawn treatment program we combine the best products, practices, and licensed staff to make certain your lawn is getting the best care possible.

There's no doubt for a homeowner a lush thick green lawn looks great for your property, and will possibly make you the envy of the neighborhood while turning heads in the process.  And we're pretty sure your homeowners association will appreciate it also.

With a nice lawn there will be no hesitation to enjoy outdoor activities.  It will also help improve and maintain your property value.

Sun Chase Lawn Care weed control and fertilization lawn care program consist of 9 properly timed applications throughout the year to promote a weed free, green lawn.  We use Organic Components in our weed control and fertilization lawn care program to encourage healthy plant growth.  Our custom lawn treatment program is precisely for the unique weather conditions here in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Why Choose Sun Chase Lawn Care For Your Weed Control & Fertilization Lawn Care Treatment Service?

We incorporate eco-friendly products into our applications that are safe for our environment.  There is no reason to worry about your children or pet's safety.

All of our lawn care technicians are Turf & Ornamental Certified, experienced, highly knowledgeable individuals.

Sun Chase Lawn Care makes a point at building a client relationship while creating a personalized approach to your property.

You have unlimited service calls between normal routine visits with no charge!

There are no contracts to sign.  We provide our fertilizer and lawn care treatments based on agreement between both parties.




Dark green yard from fertilizing in Douglasville, GA.

Sun Chase Lawn Care Vs. The Others

Services Sun Chase The Others
Broadleaf Weed Control X X
Granular Fertilizer X X
Free Service Calls X X
Pre-Emergents X X
Micro Nutrients X Some
Crabgrass Control X Some
Lime X Some
Liquid Fertilizer X Some
Iron X Some
Dollar Spot Control X Some
Dallisgrass Control X Extra Charge
Nutsedge Control X Extra Charge
Grub Control X Extra Charge
Brown Patch Control X Extra Charge
RGS X Extra Charge
D-Thatch X Extra Charge
Army Worm Control X Extra Charge

We Guarantee a Weed Free® thick green lawn.  We make sure your lawn is looking it's best, because it is a reflection of our work. If you're located in our service areagive us a call and we'll come take a look at your lawn and suggest a package that will be just right for you!