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Autumn leaves are falling down... Should you rake them up?

Autmn leaves are falling down...  Should you rake them up?

Yes you should and here are the reasons why!

  • Excessive leaves on a lawn will smother the grass. 
  • It slows down and hinders growth when left on entering spring growth period.
  • Snow mold disease is encouraged.
  • It is likely to invite turf damage from critters such as moles and mice in the spring.


Here are a few options to make sure that leaves are not covering a significant portion of your lawn:

  1. Rake them up or use a blower- compost the leaves
  2. Use a blower- bag and dispose of them
  3. Use a mower with a bagging attachment: you could either dispose or compost the leaf/grass mix
  4. Use a mower and mulch the leaves into small pieces let them fall into the lawn canopy. In my opinion this is the best option, because the leaves create organic matter and nutrients in which the soil and turf will benefit from. Some trees such as maples produce leaves that reduce weed seed germination when mulched into a lawn.     


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